The Strangers 2008-05-29 ( current )

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After returning from a wedding reception, a couple staying in an isolated vacation house receive a knock on the door in the mid-hours of the night. What ensues is a violent invasion by three strangers, their faces hidden behind masks. The couple find themselves in a violent struggle, in which they go beyond what either of them thought capable in order to survive.

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  • Liv Tyler
  • Scott Speedman
  • Gemma Ward
  • Laura Margolis
  • Kip Weeks
  • Bryan Bertino (Director)
  • Bryan Bertino (Screenplay)
  • Doug Davison (Producer)
  • Nathan Kahane (Producer)
  • Roy Lee (Producer)

Intrepid Pictures


United States of America



Release Date:

2008-05-29 USA

Run Time:

86 min